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Here, you will find like-minded individuals who know how difficult it is to juggle not only creating the story, but illustrating it as well. When you as the writer are also the illustrator, you find a certain amount of freedom to draw what you want, what your inner-eye sees. But with that freedom comes the blind-sidedness of only one perspective, your own. As a group, we can offer that unique second perspective and help unleash a story's true potential. I hope you can learn from the members here as well as teach others a thing or two about the art of story-telling.

Friday, August 12, 2011

JD'S Writers Blog: My Work in Progress! The third picture for my new picture book

JD'S Writers Blog: My Work in Progress! "I haven't a clue what the background for this picture with be. I'll come up with it though. :D  I'm using Corel Painter.It has a cool tool called Straight Line Strokes to make the rope. http://t.co/mdIzv3y.."


  1. Looks great so far! Can't wait to see it when it's done!

  2. I"ve never worked with Corel Painter. Does it have a steep learning curve? I'm in the process of packaging my second book and I'm looking at graphics.

  3. If you want a really cool art program, look into ArtRage. It's an intuitive art program that gives you everything you might use in traditional art and it is super cheap.

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  5. Yes, Painter takes some time to get to know, but it's not to hard. It's a fun program.